Academic Planning Made Simple

Our academic planning services guide each student to develop a fulfilling and successful profile so that they can thrive throughout their academic career.  Our team will support students as early as grammar school all the way through graduate school admissions. 

Examples of services we provide include:
Identifying Key Interests, Talents and Passions
Strategizing Enrichment Opportunities
Selecting Extra-Curricular Activities
Planning Summer Programs and Camps
Strategies and Referrals for Educational Evaluations
Identifying Areas of Tutoring Opportunities 


We work with students to identify and build on their key talents, passions, interets, and goals. 


We find and suggest extracurricular activities to build your student’s portfolio.

Developing Plans

We develop comprehensive plans that include classes, extracurriculars, and summer programs. 

Academic Support

We learn your student’s needs and recommend tutoring testing, or support services.