Comprehensive Standardized Testing Analysis Evaluation and Strategy Meeting


Students will receive a baseline exam, self-administration instructions and can sit for an exam at home. Students will submit their answer sheets and our tutoring team will review each student’s results.

Our team will review the results and offer recommendations for preparation. Students will receive a detailed score report and an analysis of their results that highlight areas of opportunity and weakness.

In addition, our tutoring team will meet with the student and parents for an initial consultation and collaborate with the family to develop a personalized test prep strategy that is specific to the student’s testing goals and needs.


  • Students will receive a baseline exam
  • Students will submit answer sheets
  • Team will analyze and send a recommendation for which test and what areas for opportunity student should focus on
  • If student could test either way, team will check in with family to see whether they would like to do ACT or SAT focus
  • Team will create a personalized studying map / tutoring plan
  • Team will meet with parents and student to answer any questions that the student has, offer up any suggestions to the student and make recommendations about how best to continue working with us
  • If family decides to work with us, the team will work with the student and family to cater to needs.
  • Tutoring team can also make recommendations about how best to implement their tutoring plan if the family chooses to use a non PES tutor or if they chose self study

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