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Personalized Educational Solutions is a boutique educational consulting and tutoring firm that specializes in working individually with students to facilitate a seamless and successful educational journey. We are committed to making your child’s education as meaningful and rewarding as possible, and we are here to help every step of the way

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the questions we receive the most about our services.
If we missed anything, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to help

We have expert tutors in a variety of subjects and all levels. They are specialists in their fields: economists, mathematicians, elementary school teachers, university professors, medical doctors, lawyers, accountants, and more. We match these professionals to our student’s needs in order to best support them. 

Our tutoring plans are developed for each individual student and vary based on the assignment, class, or area of improvement.

Our tutors work individually with your student and are prepared to make any accommodations necessary. We build a unique tutoring schedule for each student and work with any learning style or pace.

Yes, we offer comprehensive academic services for college students, from developing a week-by-week study plan to reading and note-taking support to direct academic tutoring. Our tutors for all undergraduate work are either highly educated experts in their fields (medical, legal, finance, etc) or college professors who are actually teaching those subjects and have decided to join our team.

We do! Please contact our office by calling (508) 589-7088 to learn more about this option.

Please note there is an additional fee on top of the SSAT exam fee for a FLEX test to be administered on our premises.

Our instructors undergo a rigorous vetting process and initial training. They are content knowledge experts that come from a variety of backgrounds and are prepared to teach your student in any subject.

Our vetting process for new instructors is thorough and involves multiple steps. Our team seeks out individuals who display deep content knowledge, have experience teaching and/or tutoring, and demonstrate the ability to instruct. Prospective instructors are asked to come in (or meet online) for an instructional interview session with our Co-founder and Director of Academic Services and Tutoring, Sims Yun. Applicants are expected to prepare a lesson plan on a given topic and “teach” it. Typically, a locally recruited high school student is present during the lesson so they can give feedback and share thoughts from a student’s perspective. This plays a large role in our decision-making process. 


There are many reasons why students choose to take advantage of college counseling resources. 

Considering the cost of college, students and their families must be certain they are applying to the right schools and preparing the strongest applications possible to maximize opportunities for admission and (when applicable) for scholarships. 
As the college process continues to become increasingly uncertain and competitive, the advice and guidance of an admissions expert can make all the difference. 
The guidance that high school college counselors offer, although excellent, is oftentimes not as personalized as a private college counselor because of large institutional caseloads and responsibilities. 

College counselors can be helpful in guiding students through the scholarship and financial aid application processes as they work with students to research various opportunities and complete all scholarship requirements.

Private college counseling involves every aspect of the college process–from list creation, strategizing regarding early admissions plans, writing the application, essays, supplements and resumes, dealing with specific aspects of the college process that require individualized attention–like building a balanced college list, strategizing around early admissions plans, interview prep, organizing information including deadlines, dates, etc…interfacing with admissions officers/reps, following up with missing information, assisting in scholarship search work (if applicable or desired), assisting with final decision making, waitlist follow up, deferral follow up, etc. For all of these specific aspects of college counseling, an individualized approach is ideal. Your college counselor meets with you weekly or as often as needed in order to coach you through every aspect of the college process. 

College Process Workshops and Bootcamps are offered through Education Station and follow our small-group model (classes limited to six students). Students work with admissions counselor and co-founder, Christine Chapman, in a small-group setting to tackle various aspects of the application process. However, we are aware that there are students who prefer one-on-one college counseling. In this case, we recommend students take advantage of our private college consulting services offered through our parent company, Personalized Educational Solutions. Students work privately with our seasoned college counseling team. This option is for students who have a unique profile, an extensive college list, or simply prefer the one-on-one, customized aspect that private, individualized sessions offer.   

Most of our students who have transitioned from in-person to online tutoring report that there is no difference between their online and in-person experiences. Our instructors have been working with students online since before the start of Covid-19. They are trained to adapt their methodologies and techniques to work with students online in the most efficient ways possible. Our instructors are comfortable working with students through online platforms like Zoom and utilizing the various features such as the white board. This allows instructors to make the transition from the physical classroom to a virtual one as seamless as possible. For test prep courses, we will send recordings of the Zoom sessions that students can access whenever they would like. The online platform also allows us to connect our students to our tutors and content experts from all over the country!

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Personalized Educational Solutions was offering online tutoring and college consulting services to students all over the country and world via Skype, FaceTime and Zoom. Our co-founders both have deep and extensive experience working online, and we have serviced thousands of students and their families through numerous online platforms, including Zoom, which one of our co-founders began using in 2016. All of our tutors have been using Zoom since the beginning of their tutoring experience with us. Our team is extremely comfortable using online platforms and we feel very confident that the quality of instruction is just as effective as our in-person sessions.

Meet Christine.

Christine Chapman has been an educational consultant since 1995. She has worked with over 3,000 domestic and international families to help them find and secure the right path for each child.

She has served as Senior Chair of the Schools Committee, was part of the IECA Credentialing task force for educational consulting and currently a member of the Membership Committee of the IECA. Ms. Chapman is the published author of The International Student’s Guide to Applying to Private Schools, has contributed to a college admissions-based blog on Cape Cod Today and Plymouth Daily News, and has her own parenting site: ParentsPage

In 2012, Christine stepped away from her consulting practice to become the first Director of International Students at a Boston area independent school. There, she oversaw international student admissions, college counseling, and education as well as SEVIS I-20 documentation and visa procurement assistance, assisted with the annual fund and student health insurance, host family referrals and liaison work.

Christine Chapman is a graduate of the Sacred Heart School of Montreal and Skidmore College and is in pursuit of her master’s degree at Harvard University.

Meet Sims.

Sims Yun graduated from Tufts University with a major in Biology and a minor in Political Science. There, she co-founded and ran a tutoring organization that matched international students to tutors and supported their adjustment to life in the United States. She also supported students in preparing for the TOEFL, SAT I, SAT II, SSAT and ISEE.

In her free time, Sims has been reluctantly trying to enjoy time at the gym, but has assiduously avoided Christine’s invites to yoga classes. She loves watching documentaries and HGTV while hanging with friends. She is a coffee addict and a little bit of a tea snob.

Sims has worked with over 100 students, developing and personalizing study materials and learning methods to help students build study skills, strengthen learning foundations, and ultimately improve grades and test scores.

Meet Amanda.

Amanda is the Operations and Integration Manager at PES Global. She has a BA in Psychology from Holy Cross and an MBA from Boston University. Amanda spent 20 years at PricewaterhouseCoopers in a variety of roles – Assurance, Learning & Development and Human Resources, in a variety of offices – Boston, Helsinki and Florham Park (NJ). For the last 6 years, she’s been home with her kids and very involved in local non-profits, including Hopkinton Little League and the Hopkinton Parent Teacher Organization. In her spare time, Amanda enjoys reading, long walks in the woods, spending time with her golden retriever, Tuukka, and photography.

Meet Brian.

An experienced teacher, Brian taught English and Social Studies at the middle and high school level in both public and private schools for 14 years before joining Education Station full time in 2019. He started as a private tutor and curriculum developer for Education Station in 2018 and helped launch the SAT/ACT test prep programs. Recently, Brian took on the role of tutoring coordinator in addition to tutoring several of our students. In his free time he enjoys surfing, snowboarding, playing soccer, and spending time with his family.

Meet Cindy.

Cindy Pendergast was born and raised at the Jersey Shore. She matriculated at Wheaton College majoring in English. Upon graduation, she was hired as Assistant Director of Admissions at Wheaton. After 4 years at Wheaton, she moved to Washington, D.C. There, she joined the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at Georgetown, where she chaired various committees in the College, Nursing School, and transfer admissions.

After four years in D.C, she returned to Boston, where she worked to develop a college counseling program at The Brimmer and May School. Cindy’s eight years in college admissions has made her an expert in the college decision-making process. She considers her main strengths to be in her knowledge of colleges and in helping students find their right match.

Meet Devon.

Devon Leib holds a B.A. in Psychology from Eckerd College and is currently pursing a Master’s degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology. 

In her free time, Devon is a passionate traveler and enjoys exploring different cultures. She is a native of Long Island but is truly enjoying the various running trails in the Hopkinton area, and meeting new members of our amazing community.

Meet Jen.

Jennifer Berry has devoted her life to education. After graduating from Colby College, she spent more than 30 years at the New Hampton School. There, she was a teacher, advisor, academic dean, director of studies, curriculum developer and director of college counseling. Most recently, she served as the Director of College Counseling at Western Reserve Academy.

Her true specialty in application support is the college essay. As a highly experienced high school English teacher, Jen’s passion lies in the student narrative and helping students bring an authentic and effective voice to their college essays.

Jen has shepherded hundreds of students to acceptances at more than 800 colleges and universities. She has a keen understanding of standardized testing protocols, learning differences, athletic recruiting and international student college application processes.  Her comprehensive and holistic educational experience allows her to help students and parents navigate the increasingly complicated landscape of college admissions. Her professional experience, compassion and discipline assure that each student is both challenged and supported. 

Meet Myra.

Myra Korin holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications from Boston University. Prior to her time at PES, she managed the Admissions Office at an independent school in the Boston area. Additionally, she worked as a Special Education teacher in a local school system for many years. In her free time, Myra loves a good walk, a captivating book and a sumptuous dinner. (A foodie at heart).