Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve done our best to compile the answers to some of your most frequently asked questions. Click the links below to find them organized by category, or browse on your own. Have a question not answered here? Contact us.

General Questions

Do you offer tutoring for specific classes or assignments?

We have expert tutors in a variety of subjects and would love to work together to build a personalized tutoring plan that works for you. 

Do you offer short-term tutoring?

We work with schedules of all durations! Our tutoring plans are developed for each individual student and vary based on the assignment, class, or area of improvement.

Do you work with students with learning disabilities?

Our tutors work one-on-one with your student and are prepared to make any accommodations necessary! We build a unique tutoring schedule for each student and are happy to work with any learning style or pace. 

What is the relationship between Personalized Educational Solutions and Education Station?

Personalized Educational Solutions (PES) is the parent company of Education Station and was established in January of 2018. Personalized Educational Solutions is a boutique educational services firm that provides one-on-one instruction and admissions guidance to students locally and globally. PES utilizes a highly customized and tailored approach to offer academic planning, tutoring, private school placement, and college counseling services to students online. Shortly after joining forces to start Personalized Educational Solutions, co-Founders, Christine Chapman and Sims Yun, set out to create another educational company that offered a more affordable, community-based, in-person educational vision in their town. In September of 2019, Education Station opened its first location in the town of Hopkinton. Education Station offers academic resources that support students in grades K-12. These programs are available online and in-person. In order to make these academic resources more affordable and accessible, Education Station utilizes a small group programming model.

Do you offer tutoring for college level courses?

We work with students of all levels! Our instructors are highly qualified and ready to take on any assignment or class with your student.

I’m not sure one-on-one tutoring is the best option for me.

We offer small group classes through our daughter company, Education Station, as well as individual tutoring! To discuss which option would work best for your student, please email with a description of the class, your student, and your concerns.

Do you offer SSAT FLEX testing?

We do! Please contact our office by calling (508) 589-7088 to learn more about this option.

Please note there is an additional fee on top of the SSAT exam fee for a FLEX test to be administered on our premises.

Instructor Qualifications

What is your vetting process for instructors?

Our instructors undergo a rigorous vetting process and initial training. They are content knowledge experts that come from a variety of backgrounds and are prepared to teach your student in any subject.

What sets your instructors apart?

Our vetting process for new instructors is thorough and involves multiple steps. Our team seeks out individuals who display deep content knowledge, have experience teaching and/or tutoring, and demonstrate the ability to instruct. Prospective instructors are asked to come in (or meet online) for an instructional interview session with our Co-founder and Director of Academic Services and Tutoring, Sims Yun. Applicants are expected to prepare a lesson plan on a given topic and “teach” it. Typically, a locally recruited high school student is present during the lesson so they can give feedback and share thoughts from a student’s perspective. This plays a large role in our decision-making process.

College Counseling

Why should I invest in college counseling?

There are many reasons why students choose to take advantage of college counseling resources. During junior and senior year, the last thing a parent wants to be doing is micromanaging their student and trying to supervise the college application process. Having a college counselor takes the pressure off mom/dad and there is still someone holding the student accountable and coaching him/her through the process and helping them feel empowered. Considering the cost of college, students and their families must be certain they are applying to the right schools and preparing the strongest applications possible to maximize opportunities for scholarships. College counselors can be helpful in guiding students through the scholarship and financial aid application processes as they work with students to research various opportunities and complete all scholarship requirements. As the college process continues to become increasingly uncertain and competitive, the advice and guidance of an admissions expert can make all the difference. The guidance that high school college counselors offer, although excellent, is oftentimes not as personalized as a private college counselor because of large institutional caseloads and responsibilities. 

What does college counseling consist of?

Private, one-on-one, college counseling involves every aspect of the college process–from list creation, strategizing regarding early admissions plans, writing the application, essays, supplements and resumes, dealing with specific aspects of the college process that require individualized attention–like building a balanced college list, interview prep, organizing information including deadlines, dates, etc…interfacing with admissions officers/reps, following up with missing information, assisting in scholarship search work (if applicable or desired), assisting with final decision making, waitlist follow up, deferral follow up, etc. For all of these specific aspects of college counseling, a one-on-one approach is ideal. Your college counselor meets with you weekly or as often as needed in order to coach you through every aspect of the college process.

What is the difference between private college prep and workshops/bootcamps?

College Process Workshops and Bootcamps are offered through Education Station and follow our small-group model (classes limited to six students). Students work with admissions counselor and co-founder, Christine Chapman, in a small-group setting to tackle various aspects of the application process. However, we are aware that there are students who prefer one-on-one college counseling. In this case, we recommend students take advantage of our private college consulting services offered through our parent company, Personalized Educational Solutions. Students work privately with Christine. This option is for students who have a unique profile, an extensive college list, or simply prefer the one-on-one, customized aspect that private, individualized sessions offer.

Remote Learning

How has the quality of instruction at Personalized Educational Solutions changed with the switch from in-person to online learning?

The quality of instruction has remained the same! In fact, most of our students who have transitioned from in-person to online tutoring report that there is no difference between their online and in-person experiences. Our instructors have been working with students online since before the start of Covid-19. They are trained to adapt their methodologies and techniques to work with students online in the most efficient ways possible. Our instructors are comfortable working with students through online platforms like Zoom and utilizing the various features such as the white board. This allows instructors to make the transition from the physical classroom to a virtual one as seamless as possible. For test prep courses, we will send recordings of the Zoom sessions that students can access whenever they would like. The online platform also allows us to connect our students to our tutors and content experts from all over the country! 

How much experience do you have in using remote learning platforms like zoom?

A lot! Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Personalized Educational Solutions was offering online tutoring and college consulting services to students all over the country and world. Our co-founders both have deep and extensive experience working online, and we have serviced hundreds of students and their families through numerous online platforms, including Zoom, which one of our co-founders began using in 2016. All of our tutors have been using Zoom since the beginning of their tutoring experience with us. Therefore, our team is extremely comfortable using online platforms and we feel very confident that the quality of instruction is just as effective as our in-person sessions.

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