Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer tutoring for specific classes or assignments?

We have expert tutors in a variety of subjects and would love to work together to build a personalized tutoring plan that works for you. 

Do you offer short-term tutoring?

We work with schedules of all durations! Our tutoring plans are developed for each individual student and vary based on the assignment, class, or area of improvement.

Do you work with students with learning disabilities?

Our tutors work one-on-one with your student and are prepared to make any accommodations necessary! We build a unique tutoring schedule for each student and are happy to work with any learning style or pace. 

Do you offer tutoring for college level courses?

We work with students of all levels! Our instructors are highly qualified and ready to take on any assignment or class with your student.

I’m not sure one-on-one tutoring is the best option for me.

We offer small group classes through our daughter company, Education Station, as well as individual tutoring! To discuss which option would work best for your student, please email with a description of the class, your student, and your concerns.

Do you offer SSAT FLEX testing?

We do! Please contact our office by calling (508)-625-1082 to learn more about this option.

Please note there is an additional fee on top of the SSAT exam fee for a FLEX test to be administered on our premises.

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