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Our tutoring services can begin as early as elementary school and can accompany a student up to the college level.  Each case is different, and each case centers around the needs of the child. 

Academic Tutoring

During an initial consultation, we fully understand the student’s learning style, level of responsibility, optimal focus time, schedule, timeline and goals, and answer questions or concerns they may have.  A tutoring plan is created complete with timelines, assignments, and goals.  Our tutors meet with their students optimally two times per week in person, via Skype, and over the phone.  If a particular test is coming up, this routine can vary.

Costs for tutoring are on an hourly basis.

Standardized SAT & ACT, SAT Subject, SSAT & ISEE  Test Preparation

Standardized tests don’t necessarily show a student’s potential to learn or thrive; however, they are considered an important part in a candidate’s application to private school, university and graduate school.  This can be a stressful process for students.  Personalized Educational Solutions take the stress out of preparation. We work with our students to fill in knowledge gaps, resolve timing issues, and apply test-specific strategies.  More importantly, we help students learn skills that can be applied more widely towards their academic courses and other standardized tests. Our students leave feeling more confident about both test-taking and academic learning.

Standardized Test Preparation is invoiced on an hourly basis.

Special Considerations:

Sometimes, as in the cases of international students or slow readers, particularly in the subjects of social sciences, biology, English, and math it may be necessary for tutors to read the assignment before their sessions with student, and create an outline from which we can work.

If a student has a short question, they are able to schedule a quick 15-minute session in which a tutor can take them through a particular problem